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Importance of Sports Massage

Monday 6th January 2014

Last year, I ran my first marathon! The Clonakilty Waterfront Marathon, in County Cork, Ireland, on 7th December 2013. It took about 6 months of training where I had to increase my distance and regularity and it goes without saying that it was not an easy challenge! I truly believe that some of the problems I encountered whilst training would have been alleviated had I gone for regular sports massage. This is where I would like to stress the importance of getting sports massage when you are training and exercising a lot for whichever sporting discipline you may be in-volved in. Even if you are not training for anything in particular but just a regular gym goer, enjoy physical exercise or…

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Charity work in Sarajevo

Wednesday 16th October 2013

I went to Sarajevo for 2 weeks in September as a volunteer therapist for the charity Healing Hands Network. I worked in the charity's Sarajevo clinic as well as outreach centres in the suburbs of the city. I provided massage therapy to patients of the centres who are all directly or indirectly victims of the Bosnian War. Most of them have PTSD or other mental and physical scars, and massage therapy has been very effective in their healing process. Many of the people I treated had lost loved ones, or have relatives who have been victims or they themselves had been through many brutalities. I saw for the first time what sniper wounds and shrapnel scars looked like on the body…

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