Healthy Eating Nutritional Advice

...service will be coming real soon!

I am very passionate about diet and nutrition and firmly believe that unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle are the root cause of many chronic diseases and disorders. What we eat is one of the few things in life that we are in complete control of and therefore we are able to make the changes that will bring us a healthy and well state of being. Not being ill does not mean feeling well. You may have many days or occasions where you just feel tired and low on energy. You may suffer headaches or feel you need frequent meals, or you may crave sugar. You could be feeling bloaty and heavy. There are many symptoms which can be the result of a poor diet and deficiencies or excesses. With the right food choices and good nutrition, a feeling of wellness and vitality is truly possible and this is what I hope to deliver to my future nutrition clients.

After having completed ITEC Diploma in Diet & Nutrition last year, I am now studying Nutritional Therapy at the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) which is a 3 year degree level diploma course involving theoretical knowledge and clinical practice. When I graduate I will be able to provide in depth nutritional therapy, looking at sub-clinical functional imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, metabolic issues, using the functional medicine model to help you even more with your state of mental and physical well-being. I am very excited and looking forward to this!

For now, I hope to be able to help many of you with my healthy eating nutritional advice and provide some healthy recipe suggestions. Here are a few of my little 'tasters'..
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