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Perhaps you are feeling tired and achy all the time, maybe your gut is not functioning very well and you are getting bloaty and have been told it's probably IBS and given little support. You may also be carrying more weight than you would like, especially around the middle. This might all be impacting your mood and ability to function with a clear mind, and meanwhile all this is causing you a lot of stress and anxiety.

I hear you.. you are certainly not alone in feeling this way. I am here to help you.

You may already accept that changes need to be made to what you are eating, drinking and doing, but just don't know what to do and where to start.

I can help you make that start.

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I help people to feel better and acheive their health goals through nutrition and lifestyle medicine. While this may sound simple, it really is a steady journey of transformation. Depending on where you are at, it is a journey that will require some level of time and effort, a big dose of positive attitude and dashes of drive and determination.

You need not worry as I will be here to give help and support along the way and even when you feel you have reached your health goals, I can help you maintain your optimum wellbeing.

I take into account your current lifestyle and dietary likes and dislikes, what is doable for you and what just won't work and come up with many ideas. We work together to help you, the person, and not just the symptom or the disease.

Nutritional therapy is not presciptive - I won't be telling you to eat salads all day! (unless you really like salads :))

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