Hey.. welcome! So tell me, how would it feel?...

  • To beat your tiredness and have more energy to do the things you want?
  • To lose weight gradually in a healthy sustainable way, without even thinking about it?
  • To win the battle with sugar and even conquer your type 2 diabetes?
  • To feel like your brain can think clearer and be in a better mood?
  • To sleep like a baby! (well much better than you currently do)?
  • To feel liberated from the burdens of stress and anxiety?
  • To ease away those gut niggles and discomforts?
  • To feel agile, strong, able to move and exercise better?
  • To reduce your risk of chronic disease and age beautifully?
  • To feel adaptable, resilient, in a state of balanced wellness?

Remember YOU are in control of your health.
If you want change, then YOU can make the changes.

So the above things are possible!
It's down to you to commit and take control.
Ready, but not sure what to do and where to start?
Let me help you.

I'd like help, tell me more!


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How I work

I help people to take the reins and start steering their health towards achieving their health goals, through nutrition and lifestyle medicine. This is a steady step by step on going path of optimal health.

Depending on where you are at, it is a journey that will require from you, some level of time and effort, a big dose of positive attitude and dashes of drive and determination. What you will receive from me is my commitment to give you help, support and guidance throughout our time together.

I take into account your current lifestyle factors, dietary likes and dislikes, even your personality, to see what is do-able for you or what is not do-able and come up with many ideas to discuss and agree together. We work as a team to help YOU, the individual person, and not just the symptom or the condition you may have.

Nutritional therapy is not presciptive - I won't be telling you to eat things you do not like or spend hours in the kitchen making meals, it is tailored around your likes and your life! Sounds good, tell me more!

Are you ready to make positive changes to improve your wellbeing?
Are you ready to invest in your health?
Are you ready to make a start? Yes please, I want to start

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