Wellness Packages

Included in your Wellness Packages


  • In depth analysis of your health history, current health status and symptoms using the functional medicine approach, following completion of a thorough Health Questionnaire.
  • Research of up to date scientific journals and application of evidence based information to your specific case, including research into drug nutrient interactions.
  • Thorough analysis of your 3-day food diary and lifestyle habits.
  • Analysis of your blood test results.


  • First session - up to 90 minutes, we will discuss your health concerns, health goals, symptoms, history, diet and lifestyle. We will go through your Health Questionnaire and highlight areas to target. We will explore the potential mediators and imbalances contributing to your symptoms and collaboratively draw up a Wellness Plan.
  • Continued sessions - up to 60 minutes, we look at feedback and review your progress. We will investigate deeper and further explore areas that can be supported. We will adapt or add to recommendations accordingly as needed to benefit you.


  • Frequent appointments to keep you motivated.
  • Brief phonecalls if needed to answer any burning questions.
  • Secure messaging queries through your own client portal.
  • Nutrition and lifestyle education, information and guidance.
  • Membership to Intrasymphony's private Facebook Group 'Fine Tune Your Body'
Wellness Packages

Supplements and test recommendations

  • Full review of current supplements.
  • A new supplement programme where appropriate.*
  • Discount on supplements.
  • Functional testing recommendation where appropriate with full guidance and interpretation of results.*

Handouts and resources

  • A personalised Wellness Plan, at first session.
  • Wellness Plan summary - after each continued session.
  • Nutrition educational resources and health information.
  • Meal ideas and recipes.
  • All your documents and recommendations secured in one place through your own client portal.

You also get

  • Measurement of your progress over the course.
  • Correspondence and liaison with your GP or other healthcare provider where needed.
  • FREE registration to my online health talks.
  • FREE access to watch my previous health talks.
  • Focussed attention to you and your wellbeing throughout our time together.
  • Care and passion to help you on your way to achieve your health goals.
  • A warm friendly therapist who will listen to your needs!
Wellness Packages

*Please note, functional testing and supplements are not included in the consultation fees and will be charged additionally.

Wellness Packages

Fees and payments


  • Available from 4 sessions to 12 sessions.
  • Pay in full at booking OR depsosit at booking then balance OR split into instalments.

Individual consultations

  • Pay per session at booking, prior to appointment.


  • Consultation sessions are via video call, or in person, as agreed.
  • For video calls, please ensure a stable internet connection.
  • Consultation Fees

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