One to One Consultations


Do I book each session separately?
Consultation sessions can be booked as packages or booked as individual sessions as we go along.

How many sessions do I need?
This all depends on your individual case, the amount of time and support you need, what your health goal is, the complexity of the case and other circumstances. We can discuss this at your Introductory call.

Is it better to book a package or individual sessions?
Multiple session packages with frequent appointments are recommended as this has shown to be more effective in terms of habit change and accountability. Meeting frequently also allows me to support you regularly and motivate you along the journey.


What paperwork is involved?
You will have a Health Questionnaire and a 3-day Food Diary to complete. There will also be some T & C's to sign. When you book your Package or start your Individual sessions, you get a Welcome Pack, with all the paperwork explaining things in detail.

Want to know more about what support you get? Yes please tell me about the packages

Here's what some of my clients had to say..

Laminn provided the guidance I needed to help me find the right way for me to have the body I wanted.

She was very interested in my health and requested tests from my GP which he organised. Laminn did lots of research and proposed a personalised regime for me.

She was available by email throughout the programme if I needed extra support. She was encouraging but not judgemental.

I looked at myself in the mirror and it was the first time, in a long time, that I was happy with the person I saw.

I have seen a significant improvement in my health, both mental and physical, which I can only put down to what I am fuelling my body with.

Following her recommendations I had more energy and found it easy to lose weight which was one of my goals. I've been given the tools to continue the journey of healthy nutrition.

I really enjoyed the programme. I learned a lot about nutrition and made a huge improvement to my eating habits. I found it easy to make healthy food choices. Laminn always made time to listen to me and gave very helpful ideas.

Have lost weight without even trying, feel healthier and more energetic, like a car running better, cleaner..

Tiredness, afternoon slumps have disappeared, only felt a bit tired twice in 7 weeks, and not used to feeling tired anymore!

My nails just wouldn't grow and now they have!