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Sports Massage


Sports massage is a remedial massage on the area of concern and any referred pain location. Remedial massage treatment uses specific sports massage techniques such as STR (Soft Tissue Release), MET (Muscular Energy Technique) and NMT (Neuro-muscular Technique) or trigger point therapy to help breakdown chronic knots, improve muscle length, improve range of movement and muscle strength. As well as massage, the treatment can often include passive mobilisations and assisted stretching.

If needed, the session can include a brief assessment looking at posture and body alignment. We can also do some active and passive range of movement tests, muscle strength tests, and special tests addressing the area of concern and related areas. It is advised that you bring a vest and shorts to wear for the assessment part. Please note the assessment part is aimed at forming an opinion on which muscle or muscle groups (such as rotator cuffs, hip flexors) are causing a problem and the massage treatment is aimed at targeting those areas. It is not diagnosing a condition.

Please note that if assessment is carried out, this is part of your total massage session time.

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