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Cupping Therapy


A vacuum is created inside the cup by air (or fire in some practices) and placed onto the body (static cupping). The cups are also used to glide and lift the tissues (massage cupping). It will feel like a suction pressure on the surface of the body.

Static Cupping traditionally places the cups over the meridians and acupressure points, and also on either side of the spine, along the SHU points, in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). The back SHU points are said to correspond to a specific internal organ and when that area is stimulated, it is believed to balance the function of that organ. The cups are placed and left unmoved along the back SHU points (no more than 15-20 minutes) during which massage to other areas of the body can be done. Please note it is normal to have some temporary localised discolorations or swelling. These round circles left on the body generally fade and disappear within a few days to a week.

Massage cupping uses the vacuum to lift the skin and fascia and provide an upward massage to loosen the connective tissue creating an opposite pressure to general massage which is downwards onto the skin. It is especially great for loosening stiff fascia and connective tissue. This suction, lifting and gliding movement relaxes the tight fascia and muscles helping loosen and ease movement, and releasing any tension in the joints.

Cupping therapy increases blood flow to the area inside the cups, as the vessels are drawn to the surface and expanded, stimulating the muscle tissues. It also helps clear out toxins and blockages as well as promote lymphatic drainage. The treatment is used to also disperse stagnation and expel pathogenic factors from the skin's surface.

A mixture of deep tissue massage and cupping therapy is used in the treatment and tailor made to address your specific aches and pains.