Nutritional Therapy Programmes

Wellness Journeys

We have carefully devised 3 programmes (Wellness Journeys) depending on the complexity of your case, the level of support you need and the timeframe.

All of the Wellness Journeys include the following:


  • In depth holistic analysis of current symptoms and health timeline using the functional medicine approach.
  • Evidence based research and application from up to date clinical trials.
  • Thorough assessment of food diary and lifestyle habits.


  • Initial consultation lasting up to 90 minutes where we will discuss your health concerns, symptoms, history, diet and lifestyle. We will explore possible underlying imbalances and collabratively draw up a Wellness Plan.
  • Follow up consultations where we will review your progress, explore the mediators further and adapt the programme accordingly to suit you.
Nutrition Journeys

Coaching and support

  • Short progress support phonecalls to help you keep on track.
  • Nutrition and lifestyle education and guidance.
  • Weekly check in emails where needed.
  • Membership to Intrasymphony's private Facebook Group 'Fine Tune Your Body'

Supplements and test recommendations

  • Full review of current supplements.
  • A new supplement programme where appropriate.*
  • Discounts on supplements.
  • Functional testing recommendation where appropriate (not in the Diet & Lifestyle Boost) with full guidance and interpretation of results.*

Handouts and resources

  • A comprehensive personalised Wellness Plan that is updated after each main consultation session.
  • Useful health information and links to resources.
  • Meal ideas and recipes.

You also get

  • Measurement of your progress over the journey.
  • Focussed attention to you and your wellbeing throughout our journey together.
  • Care and passion to help you achieve your health goals.

*Please note, functional testing and supplements are not included in the consultation fees and will be charged additionally.

Nutrition Journeys

The 1:1 Programmes

  • Wellness Journeys (Tune, Harmony, Symphony) are suitable if you have specific health concerns, long standing or recurring symptoms, and/or need management of a diagnosed chronic health condition.
  • Diet & Lifestyle Boost is suitable if you do not have any diagnosed chronic health conditions or long standing reccurring symptoms, but you want to ensure your optimum health and wellbeing, or to prevent risks of developing chronic disease. Functional testing is not included on this programme.

Please do get in touch if you are unsure which programme will be best for you and we can discuss together and choose the most suitable one.

Nutrition Journeys

Monthly support - 3 months

3 x monthly consultations in total
Initial 90 minutes
2 x Follow-ups
Over 3 months period
Investment £380

Nutrition Journeys

Fortnightly support - 3 months

5 x fortnighly consultations in total
Initial 90 minutes
4 x Follow -ups
Over 3 months period
Investment £525

Nutrition Journeys

Regular support - 6 months

10 x consultations in total
Initial 90 minutes
9 x Follow-ups
Unlimited progress support phonecalls
Over 6 months period
Investment £1100

Nutrition Journeys

Wellbeing review and boost

2 x consultations in total
Initial 60 minutes
1 x Follow-up
Over 4-6 weeks period
Investment £185

Session times

  • Initial consultation is up to 90 minutes
  • Follow up consultations are approximately 45 minutes
  • Progress check phonecalls are approximately 20 minutes

Fees and payments

  • One off/additional 1:1 consultation 60 minutes fee is £95
  • Payment Plans are available for the three Wellness Journeys
  • Full payment in advance is required for the Diet & Lifestyle Boost
  • Deposit is required on booking.


  • Consultations are via video call, unless otherwise agreed. We ask that you have a stable internet connection.